Yamaha tilt

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by kenJ, May 29, 2013.

  1. kenJ
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    kenJ Senior Member

    A friend has asked me to troubleshoot why his trim motor doesn't work. If memory serves it is an ocean series 225. My initial guess would be wiring or the switch. Any other common failure points?
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    If one of the seals leaked the whole motor may be bad too. However, troubleshooting the switch and the connector would be my first try too.
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Check fluid levels, look for leaks, can you hear the pump running when the switch is depressed, are limit switches/relays involved, etc.,etc., etc.
  4. kenJ
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    more info

    finally got around to looking at the motor. It is a mid '90's Saltwater Series 175. motor runs in both directions. I could not find any limit switches. I did not have metric sockets with me so I could not check the fluid level, but the owner swears it is full. The motor will tilt to the up position with help. It will not lower. I don't have a service manual and haven't found one on line yet. The plan is to get the boat off the boat lift and onto a trailer for maintenance. Does anyone have a service manual they can email me the appropriate sections. (or link to an on line one). The boat is not used that much, maybe twice last summer. Are there valves in the system that could get stuck? etc?

  5. CDK
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    A friend showed up last year with an identical problem. The shaft from the cylinder was slightly bent, reason unknown. The engine was stuck halfway, no possibility to remove the trim cylinder in that position.
    I drilled large holes in the bracket, then removed the swivel pin holding the cylinder by hammering it out through the hole. The guy took the whole assembly home and had the shaft replaced, we installed the unit and celebrated a successful repair.
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