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    Yachtica is the very first example in Europe of a particular science which is intelligently applied on yachts, by means of the information technology and electronics, to strive for an increase in security and comfort in daily life.
    The increasingly frequent use of new technologies has led to a great increase of electrical and electronic appliances in the on board living and operative environments and has transformed the yacht into a complex machine. The introduction of all these systems, which refer to separate and/or additional cabling, complicate the project and installation phases as well as the use of the on board appliances which increasingly require adaptability and integration principles for better control and management of the installed technologies. This is where the need for technological innovation of the on board electrical system steps in. Innovation which guarantees great advantages in the integration between devices and technological installations and definitely surpasses the limitations previously dictated by the traditional electrical installation.

    Integration, or better, the real possibility to control, manage and monitor appliances and technologies which typically carry out different operative functions and are used distinctively (eg. fan-coils, alarms, lighting, tank level, etc.) with a single integrated and intelligent electrical installation. Through integration it is possible to obtain an high degree of comfort, safety and the correct use of the electrical energy supplies and of the electrical and electronic systems installed on board a vessel. All this with the advantage of being able to control the functioning and the state of all peripherical fittings from a single command post.
    Yachtica’s E@SY Integrated System guarantees automation, perfect compatibility and communication between all the appliances and devices installed on board through a network of digital communication which creates a flexible open system which able to interact with the user in a direct, effective and intuitive manner.

    E@SY Integrated System
    The E@Sy Integrated System is a modular system for the management of all electric/electronic appliances installed on a yacht. It is composed by electronic modules which are connected to each other through a Bus system.
    The Bus system is a digital transmission mode, used to send data from one appliance to another.
    E@SY is a system which has a distributed intelligence. This means that every single management unit is capable of functioning independently from the others so as to make the most of the potential of the installation and the programming.
    The transmission of the Bus signal is of differential type so as to guarantee the highest system stability and is supported by an advanced transmission protocol which uses all the necessary contrivances to correct any error.
    The result of all this is a product which is stable and well fitted for functioning even in critical conditions.
    The prominent feature of the system is represented by modules which are suitable for the solving of any requirement.
    The following are amongst the range of specific modules which carry out the various functions on board:
    CPU modules, for the management of the lighting system, have an optimised programming which resides on the flash memory within the module. For example, the power output controlled by this CPU module has a switch-on mode which gradually increases the luminosity intensity until reaching the set value so as to avoid dazzles or sudden pitfalls in luminosity. (Sunrise-Sundown Function)
    Along the same scheme, other CPU modules control the air conditioning and execute extremely accurate P.I.D. (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) checks on the controlled exits of the electric valves in the device. These checks are carried out automatically using the parameters received by the integrated system which in turn receives data from temperature-feelers present in every covered area of the yacht.

    The second group of the system’s components are the Slave modules. These are directly connected to devices on board: lighting wiring, fan-coils, pumps or electric valves, automations, sounding-line, etc.

    The command posts, within various areas of the yacht, are the same as those that would be expected with a traditional electrical installation but the advantage which we gain from E@SY is to be able to program, aided by the software, the functions of every single control switch/button. The programming resides on the single CPUs and can also carry out complex automation functions, upon encountering set events, involving different devices.

    The control functions of lightning, temperature settings, automation management and management of the programmed sceneries which intervene simultaneously upon different subsystems such as the lighting, air conditioning, automation, etc. are associated to local command posts.

    Another fundamental element of the system is the presence of infrared receptive modules which are able to function with different types of remote controls. These infrared modules turn out extremely handy in areas such as living rooms or main cabins, where audio-video entertainment systems are typically dislocated, since they allow to integrate the functions between these infrared remote controls and the touch-screen display.

    The control and monitoring functions of the yacht will be undertaken by the integrated system which will lead a main elaboration unit to control functions through a touch-screen or a display & track-ball.

    The E@SY Integrated System installation, requiring only slight changes in the project and realization of the traditional electrical installation, becomes the back-bone which acquires and exchanges information between all the subsystems which are installed on present-day yachts.

    The benefits which the value of this new technology adds to a yacht are remarkable, especially in terms of simplicity and ease in the project and installation phases which are notable characteristics of this integrated system.

    E@SYWare Software
    The acquisition software can count on powerful data elaboration tools which allow to easily and constantly keep every parameter necessary for the correct management of the yacht under control.
    The Client can have total control over the yacht with this program of simple and intuitive architecture created in a development ambience which allows complete customisation.
    For example, the software allows to view easy mimics showing of the on-off status of all the lighting on board and turn on or off any given outlet. In the same way, it is possible to graphically view the opening status of any access as well as control the air conditioning, check the tank levels, the status of the various banks of batteries, track the power-tension at outlet and inlet, status of any overloading of generators, control alarm systems, auxiliary devices or a chart of the external temperature for the last 30 days, etc.
    The mean which allows all these varied types of information to be captured on the outside, thanks to the interface or data acquisition modules is the E@SY Integrated System.

    Yachtica Services
    Yachtica will offer the following services during exchanges with the Client:
    ·A study to determinate the possibility of installation.
    ·Customised project of the integrated system according to the vessel type and the Client’s requests.
    ·Instructive courses for the shipyard technicians and the dockyard hands involved with the rigging of the vessel in question.
    ·Custom furnishing of the aforementioned components.
    ·Customisation of the software which controls and manages the entire system according to the specifications provided by the Client.
    ·Assistance during the installation phase provided by specialized Yachtica technicians.
    ·A 3 year guarantee on the products.
    ·A 1 year contract for set periodic maintenance.

    Yachtica will offer these services, punctually and in a precise manner, with the constant presence of specialized engineers who will collaborate with the shipyard’s management so as to interpret the requests of the Client to the utmost.
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