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    yachtcoatings Junior Member

    Needed for future contracts in Europe-worldwide

    Semi skilled fairers-finishers

    Skilled fairers- finishers

    Team leaders-

    Small teams will be considered

    Apply by CV email: yachtcoatings@aol.com

    Please include expected earnings
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    I am interested in your vacancies for fairers and finishers. I have over 15 years of boatbuilding and have ran teams of fairers on Isle of Wight, Spain, Germany and South Africa and can also get more fairers if needed. I would like to hear more about the size of boats you are talking about. You can email at [suede@live.co.uk]
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    Hi, in reply to you wanting fairers and painters i have a team of
    20 guys very experianced 5 of them are very good painters,
    can you tell me the size of boat and how much work have you ?
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