Yacht Production Project Manager Wanted - Fuyang, China

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by AquilaRP45, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Sino Eagle Group is currently seeking a production project manager position for our upcoming manufacturing projects. The candidate for this position should have extensive knowledge within the production of powerboats or power catamarans ranging from the sizes of 40ft up to 100ft.

    Sino Eagle Group is located in Fuyang, China. We are currently building a 110,000 sq meter yacht manufacturing facility. Our focus will be to grow a team of yacht builders that will be able to produce high quality production yachts to the global market.

    For more detailed information on the required qualifications for this position please send us an e-mail along with your CV to the following e-mail address.


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    Dear sir, i have sent you my cv and samples of my work . i have more than 10 years experience in yacht design and building. hope it will interest you. thank you
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