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Discussion in 'Education' started by Mikeplym, Aug 1, 2009.

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    Mikeplym New Member

    Hi there everyone, for my final year uni project I am going to be looking into the fairing of yachts, I was just wondering if anyone could reccomend any texts that could/would give me an insight into the subject area as i have relatively little experience of it.

    Cheers for any help,

  2. apex1

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    that was the wrong question. No it was´nt, but I doubt there is such a text on the market. Fairers and painters are a very special breed in our business.
  3. waikikin
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    Hi Mike, maybe post the question in the composites sect of the forum & write your own from that, & put your hand up for a job doing some fairing to get some real insight, also maybe west system resins has a booklet & also epiglass(now international paints) had one too years ago. One rule should be that "whoever applies the filler must also sand the filler!" Regards from Jeff.
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    As someone who fills yachts for a living i would be fascinated to see your final project.

    What exactly are you going to study?

    i work in the netherlands but have seen lots of others teams techniques throughout the world.

    I think there is info in the SP manuals and the Awlgrip manuals but i wouldn't always agree with it.

    Keep me informed if you can. And feel free to ask questions (busy now on 62m sail yacht and 45m motoryacht)
  5. Mikeplym
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    Mikeplym New Member

    Hi there, well basically I'm studying marine engineering atm at uni and we did a project looking at drag reduction on foils which i found fairly interesting and so decided to do my final year project on fluid flow over a surface and my tutor reccomended that i did 'An Investigation into the effect of unfairness on hulls on the fluid flow using CFD' .

  6. richardb
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    I assum you mean fairness, not surface finish.
    Start with the aero guys, I'm sure that they have done a lot of work on aerofoil fairness, different medium and reynolds numbers but a start.
    Then keep it simple for analysis, so you can run many different fairness levels
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