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    Dear All,

    Please have a look below listed tasks. If you need any engineering servise regarding new building or refit works in Turkey please do not hesitate to paste a reply with you email adress.

    1. Scantling of ship and yacht structures according to classification sociaties and international standarts and selection of material.

    2. Structural drawings of the vessel.

    3. Structural workshop drawings and CNC code preperation.

    4. Structural analysis of special areas and parts.

    5. Block plan and establishing construction flow according to building material and vessel type.

    6. Preperation of construction plan including;
    * Task list includes all action to reach the defined completion of the project.
    * Team assignment to tasks as resources to be able to monitor the workload and use effectively the workers.
    *Gantt chart and critical path.

    7. Jig system selection and detailed jig plan preperation.

    8. Training of workers to keep the quality at maximum level.

    9. Selection of welding equipments, electrodes, plasma machines, hand tools, measurement tools etc. and preperation of workshop layout to be able to establish and keep work environment safe and effective.

    10. Control of quality according to international ship building standarts and class rules and preperation of check list for stel and aluminum structures.

    11. Preperation of procedures for welding, prefabrication, paneling, ******** and grinding.

    12. Establishing and managing team for construction of aluminum & steel structures and outfitting.

    13. Planning and management of block handling and ******** operations

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