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    Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd, now offers a complete service to your yacht manufacturing company. As Agents for Gino Gandino Yacht Designers from Buenos Aries, Argentina, we can now provide you completed Yacht and Boat design packages that are immediately ready for marketing and production, saving you valuable time and money in the early stages of setting up or increasing your existing product line.

    We are now offering the Marco Polo 85’ Motor Yacht with modern Italian styling and designed to Rina Standards as well as the Phoenix 38’ Fly Bridge, and others to appear soon on our website. Although these design packages are ready for immediate release, we can offer optional changes to our designs to suit the needs of your market, as well as EXCLUSITY to these designs.

    We can also provide very qualified national and foreign human resources required to increase productivity. Please visit our website at www.yca-hk.com or contact us at info@yca-hk.com for further information.
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