Yacht Designers Required for a company in Portsmouth, RI United States

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by chrish, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. chrish
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    chrish New Member

    Position: Yacht Designer
    Job location: Portsmouth, RI
    Salary: $45,000.
    Requirement: Yacht Designer with CAD experience. Familiar with both sail and power and yacht building.

    If you are interested please mail your profile with contact details at the earliest to chrish@bmail1.com with Yacht Designer in the subject line. (Candidates From United States Only)
  2. Micah Tucker

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    Mechanical Engineer, Yacht Designer


    Does this position require relocation to Portsmouth? It sounds like a great opportunity, unfortunately I am located in NY. I am a degreed Mechanical Engineer (Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY) and am in the Process of completing Westlawns Yacht Design course. I have been working in the marine industry for M. Rosenblatt & Son (AMSEC LLC), Naval Architects & Marine Engineers for 3 years now doing a lot of structural design. You can contact me via email


    I would be happy to send you a resume and any other information you require. Thank you for your time.

    Micah Tucker
  3. Ram_Industries
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    Ram_Industries New Member

    Yacht Designer


    Are you looking for an individual or a company that designs yachts?

    If you are interested in a company that designs yachts, might I interest you in CUSTOM STEEL BOATS?

    Custom Steel Boats is located in Merritt, North Carolina, but are capable of going where ever the job is in need. They are a global company in the business of building yachts, designing, yachts, and many other yacht information.

    For information about Custom Steel Boats, please see their online page at:

    If you are interested in the painting / coatings end of yacht work, might I suggest : Martech Inc. They like Custom Steel Boats are capable of going where the job is. They are located out of Jacksonville Florida, but work with Custom Steel Boats of Merritt, North Carolina.

    For more information about Martech Inc, please go to their online page at:
    http://Martech-Inc.biz Hope this is something you might be interested in.
    Martech Inc. has a video on their page that will show you how well they do the work and I must say, they are good!

    Thank you

    Robert Montgomery
    (412) 213-0178
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