Yacht designers and engineers :I need information

Discussion in 'Education' started by sele, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Yacht designers and engineers

    I'm a student who intends to design marine vehicles.I want to use my creativity and I want to know about the mechanical part too.

    So the key words for me are :design,marine and engineering.After my education I want to be able to make marine vehicles that means I want to learn about design and the mechanics

    But here's the problem:There are a lot of different subjects about this like naval architecture , ocean or marine engineering , yacht design , engineerins etc.
    So if you can tell me the differences between those terms and if you can tell me about the jobs and careers about this I will be really happy

    And if you can advise me schools, that would be really helpful.For exemple is MIT's ocean engineering department a good choice or are there other
    universities or education programs you can suggest.
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    MIT no longer has a separate ocean engineering program. Several years ago ocean engineering and naval architecture were moved into the mechanical engineering department.
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