Yacht Designer Salary in Vancouver area

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Kreso, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Kreso
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    Kreso Senior Naval Architect

    Hi there !
    I'm negotiating with one Canadian Yacht Design Studio for job and I'm wondering could you help me ? I need to know yacht designer average salary in Vancouver area.
  2. dereksireci
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    dereksireci Senior Member

    How much?

    That's like asking what a car will cost. See the next page of this thread for a post by CDBarry on 2-4-06. He gives links to government statistics on salary.

    The next thing I would do is go to a real estate site and see how much it will cost you to buy a house there.

    Next item is taxes. In the US some states (few) have no income tax. Try to gauge the cost of living any way you can.

    The other thing is that Vancouver is a pretty cool place to hang out compared to many places. It has the advantages of a city without being too big. If the job totally sucks there are other employment opportuties in the area without packing up and moving again.

  3. ARGO
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    Depends on who you are working for and type of vessels.
    Small boatbuilder, large shipyard, design office???
    Good luck in Van, beautiful city.

  4. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    Here's a fun site worth a spot in your reference folder -- Cost of Living -- the value of money is very relative.
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