Yacht Design Education options in China

Discussion in 'Education' started by bertelli, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. bertelli
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    bertelli New Member

    i m a student from Hazhong University of Science&Technolegy in china.
    HUST,Senior 4
    i think the quality of the edu of naval architecture and ocean engineering in China is developing . But we still have a long long way to go .
    if possible i want to complete my study in an English school.i m fond in yacht design but there isn't a college affording such lessons in China so far as i know.
    And i have an idea. China will be the biggest yacht market soon,the needs of native yacht designer will be increased rapidly.Have you had considered cooperating with a local college in China? Sir,you have the predominance in education and we have the needs.
  2. JPC
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    JPC Junior Member

    Perhaps one of the correspondence programmes would be of use to you in the near-term (Westlawn, Landing School, and others which can be found on this site).

    Were an existing university in the PRC to approach a US institution teaching Naval Architecture, and the PRC university were willing to provide the logistics, personnel, and funding for a related programme, I would think that something could be developed.

    If it is something that you would like to pursue, I would suggest finding contacts within a university (or perhaps a regulartory body) to initiate discussion and create a model that worked for the PRC entity then present that to the US institutions.

    Best of luck,
  3. rickychen96
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    rickychen96 Junior Member

    excuse me,is that a good way to learn the techology in the large shipbuiling companies for 3 to 5 years, and then jump to the yacht design department?
    because i think there must be a lot in comment between the yacht and other larger vessles,such as the basic design.
    btw,except for the size and the material,what else makes the yachts so different from the others?i know litttle about that, hoping for the reply genuinely.
  4. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Learning Tech in Large shipbuilding co is your bread n butter...... livehood. U can later learn yacht design dept.
    Yacht market depend on the people to spend idle money but large ship are built for a purpose and earn real money..... belived it or not.
    I seen people failed in the lux yacht business but got rich in specific ultilities boat fabrication.
    I would built project much needed vessel to company and save some good money and burn on a well design yacht manufacturer so you still run your business but know future yacht is in good hand.

    That my 2 cent....... this just one side of the story

  5. rickychen96
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    rickychen96 Junior Member

    thank u,welly.
    maybe when the fitting of yacht is abundant,it will be easilier to run the businese.since recently it cost a lot to get the all the thing standby.nowadays there is why in the developing countries the yacht industry is still not so fascinating,or i may say even though there may be lots of factories there,the superexcellent one did not appear.
    i know little about this subject,happy to contact with the friends loving ship building.
    my email: rickychen96@gmail.com
  6. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    For example I know a guy who supply to almost all big coal mine for coal transport package........ arounf 30 sets...... own a shopping centre,...... etc and dont have a yacht yet.

    A lot of people concertrate to make more doe before playing with yachts which also take time.

    Making a yacht with a blue print is not that hard.......... excellent mean it float. Sink mean u will be sorry.

    Its a pitless games where u can have the bare min. to Lux beyond imagine.....
    Choosing yor classic or futuristic design, then material from warm of wood to cool space age material.
    Your can built in your back yard to high tech facilities you borrow from uncle Sam. You can have fun or burn money that still wet from the treasury...... up to u.
    In Indonesia....... efficient to order from other people because economically reason ..... cheaper. If more popular the sport become we are sure to be creative and better. Not because we dont know to float a ship, or the money. We just for the mean time recycle the yacht money to our business.


  7. chunpei
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