Yacht Design correspondence course??

Discussion in 'Education' started by Guest, Jun 11, 2002.

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    I can't remember the cost but not that much if I remember correctly.
    Email to Nanette and she can probably find out (Nanette is Toms wife)


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    I have enrolled on the YDS course too. I received the first lesson 15 days ago and I am trying to get organized. As far as casting lead weights I use a two part liquid rubber (red in color, can tolerate high temperature) to form a two part mold.
    When i order lesson 1 I ask them to include the #109 curve plus the 36'' spline so I did not pay any extra charge for shipping.
    I think instead of bying a planimeter one can buy the rhino 3d program, at a student price, almost same money ,import the surface to be mesured as a .bmp trace it over and find the exect area.I did it few times and I think it worked

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