Yacht 3D Modeling with Rhino - Level 2

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    The "Yacht 3D Modeling with Rhino - Level 2" course is live !!

    The course is video-based and on-demand and can be followed at your own pace.

    It contains videos, quizzes, and downloadable documents and gives you access to the course's virtual private classroom, where you can interact with the instructor and fellow students.

    Students completing the course will obtain the Course Certificate.


    ✨ Video lessons.
    ✨ Video captions in English.
    ✨ Models: 23 3dm files
    ✨ Course documentation
    ✨ Quizzes.
    ✨ Assignments
    ✨ Course Certificate

    Welcome aboard!

    - The course:

    - The instructor:

    The second course of a three-part series dedicated to Yacht Modeling with Rhinoceros, this course will bring you from an intermediate to an advanced level. After taking the course, you will be ready for a real-world experience.

    This course is structured to provide enhanced skills and knowledge to allow you to achieve remarkable designs and reach new heights of creativity. It begins by diving into pro-surface techniques. Then, it continues by mastering continuity and advanced solids tools. It culminates with a 60-foot ocean sailing yacht as a final project, where you will apply all the concepts covered during the course to create impressive curves, shapes, and seamless connections. You will recognize the outstanding details featured by this model: a rounded bow, a true challenge in itself, a bowsprit seamlessly blended with the hull surfaces, and a deckhouse with plenty of recess, protrusions, and variable rounded transitions.

    This course builds on and expands the knowledge you have acquired or are acquiring in the “Yacht 3D Modeling with Rhino. Level 1” course and focuses on introducing new features and developing new skills. It also features an entirely new advanced yacht project. If you already have some knowledge of 3D modeling and Rhinoceros, you may have the expertise required for Level 2. Still, please check the Level 1 course page and verify that you are familiar with all the topics taught there.

    Keep making your way through the world of Yacht Design, Naval Architecture, and Marine 3D Modeling with this fantastic course!
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    Thank you for this course. Really excellent advice that isn’t available elsewhere.
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    My pleasure, @sharpiedory. Thanks for your positive message.
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