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    Visit Xship – Ship building software tools http://xship.in/
    XShip Inclining is a free web based application for the naval architects and design engineers to generate inclining reports instantly during the experiment. This software can be accessed from any online devices like mobiles, laptops or personal computers.

    XShip Inclining ensures an accurate design calculations and provides an insight on the influence of each weight shift during the entire experiment, thereby allowing the users to interpret and take necessary actions. Xship provides a real time analysis and eliminate the errors of the traditional method, where readings are noted during the experiment and calculations are done later. It also save the time and effort for a Naval architect in generating reports.

    Xship is featured with two types of report generation. HTML report format can be downloaded and viewed instantly, where as the R data format can be saved for future analysis. Weight onboard/offboard option enables the user to get an insight on the elemental moments of each item during the experiment. XShip gives a quick response to the user’s requirement for simple evaluation & theoretical calculations. The excellent structure prepared with utmost care make the application more reliable.

    XShip is a collection of online tools that covers the life cycle of ship – from design, construction, operation until end of service. The users range from ship designers, builders, operators to shipowners. XShip Design aims to assist a naval architect or ship designer in the entire gamut of ship design. Other products from Xship group are Xship Resistance, Xship Empirical & Xship Performance. All the functionalities are a direct result of experience we earned through customer interaction. Efforts have been made to make the tools easy to use with clean and simple interface. Visit Xship – Ship building software tools http://xship.in/

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