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    Shipspotting.com is the biggest and most visited merchant ships interest site on the Internet¹, logging over 40,000,000 page-views from 25,000 distinct users every month.
    We are an online shipping publication with a diverse audience of everything from shipsowners to cruise travelers to ships enthusiasts.

    Our photo database, biggest in the world that is free of charge to use for personal usage and with unrivaled photo quality is renowned world over. Not to mention our discussion forums, a melting pot where professionals and amateurs come together to discuss the latest happenings in the industry.

    A major event like an ship accident is often thoroughly discussed in our forum before it hits the major news agencies (who frequently use our photos and forum for info).

    We are the absolute authority on ships photos, hosting the biggest ships photo database in the world with over 89,000 shots online. Our quality standards are enhancing every day with contribution from several new members around the world and the photographers that contribute to our database are some of the best in the world. Hundreds of photos are added daily and we serve over 2550 photographers. Shipspotting.com is the primarily source of ships photos for the major global news agencies as well as many local news stations, magazines, books etc. Photos from shipspotting.com have appeared in several publications all over the world.

    The Shipspotting.com photo section is meant to work as an online gallery for ships photographers, giving their photos maximum exposure to ships enthusiasts, the media, shipsowners etc. All income from commercial photo sales goes directly to the photographer.

    Please all feel free to upload and download.

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    Tomas Pinaas
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