WTB Used Jacuzzi Bros. 12YJ manual place diverter

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by colbytcheese, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. colbytcheese
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    colbytcheese New Member

    Well I have had a change of plans. The Avenger is on hold for the moment. I came across a way cool 18 ft. Paradise hull, equiped w/ a Jacuzzi Bros. 12YJ jet and pump. I have the hot foot, Morse steering and shift lever. All my linkage cables, ect. Also, just picked up on a clean set of OMC exhaust manifolds for a small block chevy, just in case the 460BB doesn't pan out. Then it dawned on me, as excited as my little boy is about this plane jane build, I figured a place diverter shooting roost, along w/ the loud thru hull exhaust, that boy will be in high heaven. So, if by chance you have a manual 12YJ diverter collecting dust on a shelf, or if you know where one is, hook me up. thanks, colby
  2. jim lee
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    jim lee Senior Member

    Everything I read says that the Jacuzzi 12YJ isn't worth the dirt to bury it with. Their 12 WJ works fine. The diverter's work on the 12WJ, maybe that's what you really have?

    Fingers crossed

    -jim lee
  3. mrmoto58
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    Hy I used to install jacuzzi jet back in the 80's .The 12yj worked great with small block ford 302 and 351windsors .I had one in a 20ft. larson with a 351 that I tricked up with 302cam and 69heads and carter carb .my fuel milage was great and the power 7 in the boat and three sking with no problems.Mating a 460 with that pump you will eat a pile of gas and have the same speed as a 351 .small blocks like rpm and that pump works great at 3200,5000 rpm .a big block will eat a lot of gas at that rpm.I will look throw my shed and see if I can find any think on the 12yj for you. mrmoto58
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