WSSRC Rules for Ocean Racing-Canting Keels appear to be Legal

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    WSSRC Rules for Ocean Racing Records-Canting Keels appear to be Legal

    Here are the relevant rules:

    Manual operation
    Unless categorized as 'a vessel using powered sailing systems' (21c), only human power may be used to work the vessel during the attempt, with the following exceptions:

    i. Electricity may be used for instrumentation, navigation, communication, automatic steering and for domestic purposes such as lighting, heating, cooking etc. Generators including motors, solar panels, wind or water turbines can be used to provide electric power, together with the appropriate batteries and control gear.
    Mechanical power may be used for charging batteries, pumping bilges, loading, unloading or transferring ballast, moving keel, foils and rudder appendages or for weighing anchor. The operation of engines, motors or pumps must not provide any element of propulsion.
    ii. In handling the vessel's sails and gear, there is no objection to various forms of energy transmission, such as hydraulic, provided there is no element of energy storage beyond that associated with materials in their normal sailing applications.

    c. Powered sailing systems
    A vessel is so categorized if any of the sailsetting, reefing, furling or sheeting functions employ mechanical power. Natural forces must always remain the sole means of propulsion.
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