Wrong hydrostatics and leak points with FreeShip

Discussion in 'Software' started by magwas, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I have a design (attached), which shows strange numbers in hydrostatics with FreeShip, and also have a lot of leak points.
    The numbers seem to be better with Delftship.

    Why the leak points are there, and what I can do with them.

    For the strange hidrostatic data, I suspect the keel (there seems to be leak points there as well). What is the reason for it, and what should I do with it?

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    Go into your layers properties and disable hydrostatics for the collision bulkhead, the Mast bukhead and that thing in the back with a leak point below the waterline, and anything else that has a leakpoint under the waterline. Then your hydrostatics should work ok. The program doesn't differentiate a leakpoint on the hull surface with one that is interior to the boat...it pukes on anything below the waterline and won't give good hydrostatics. Just disable the offending layer as part of the hydrostatics. Problem comes in when you want to calculate weights...then you don't have that weight data available when hydrostatics calculates the CG.
  3. magwas
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    magwas Senior Member

    Thank you for the tip, it was a good starting point.
    But the problem is more complicated than that.
    It is caused by the fact that I often save a part, delete it and load again.
    This way there are points which really exist twice.
    The solution as I have figured it out: move away one of the duplicates of the point. Get rid of it and one of the faces connected to it (deling the face comes handy). After that "new face".
    It is rather tedious, but I don't know better.
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