Wreck of the SS North Sea

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    I found this wreck in my copy of "Peril at Sea" by Jim Gibbs and I'm wondering if anyone knows about it. The North Sea was a passenger liner on the Alaska-Seattle run which went aground on Porter Reef near Bella Bella BC on 2-13-1947. Salvage efforts were unsuccessful, but according to the book the remained intact and on the rock for quite a number of years afterwords. The location should be just east of the Ivory Island light.

    Does anyone know anything about this and is any of the wreck visible?
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    My father (87 years old now) was one of the first responders to the SS North Sea shipwreck back in 1947. He also remembers the night it eventually sank and disappeared into the sea (1968), when he was out working his trap line. He trap line was just around the bend from the wreck.
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    Hi Raijareid,

    Here's a painting for your father, alas it doesn't say what year this was painted between '47 and '68, maybe your father would be so kind to give us his guess . . :)

    And here's the original ship . . . . :cool:

    Thanks for the post, and best wishes to you and your father [​IMG]
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