Would that catamaran ever sail?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by john5346, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Emerson White
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    You realize that weight = displacement right?

    A barge has low draft. In a sailboat you want lots of draft, but little displacement. You've chosen a design that gives you lots of displacement, but little draft.

    You spend all that time telling us about the benefits of saving on weight and then you complain about a design because it's too light.

    Building from foam or skin and frame, or ferocement would all be viable options, but would take more skill than the rebelcat. I think Troy2000 had a really great point when he said that anyone who knew how to build your design would know better than to build it. That's why I went out and I found a better design for you that was also easier to build.

    Just a plain barge with a mast and daggerboard would be better than your double barge system. Since it would be stronger and lighter, and have less drag, and be easier to build, and safer.
  2. troy2000
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    You've never built a boat in your life. What makes you think you're such an expert anyway that you can tell a forum full of experienced amateur and professional builders and designers the easiest way to do it?

    Tell you what, son. Why don't you go build a boat, then come back and start lecturing the rest of us on how to do it?
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    How do I unsubscribe to this garbage thread?
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    Gentlemen, join me in refraining from posting to this thread henceforth. It is no longer amusing, or helpful. Ten pages?......... It is time to take our ball and go home.

    I will risk the wrath of our moderator by urging the troll OP to follow these directions: Go do to yourself <... removed>
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    It appears this thread is only circling around at this point and is starting to cause great annoyance and offense rather than building anything productive now. Therefore the thread is being closed at this point.

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