wot rpm's for mercruiser 165

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    Does anyone know the WOT RPM's recommended for 165 hp Mercruiser. It is a 1971 straight 6 (gm 250 cid?) Seem to get a range of 4-5000. I am fixing to reprop and would like to get a good hole shot for skiers. Currently I run WOT at 4200RPM; 32mph; 14.75 x17

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    W-O-T for 165 hp

    I have a 1972 250cid L6 165 HP in a 21' Browning, now my book shows (WOT) with my 15 1/4 X 17 pitch 4 blade prop should be 3700 to 4200 RPM, hope this helps ya I get about 39 MPH at about 4050 RPM.........Hope this helpa ya,
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