World Superyacht Award - Young Designer of the Year Contest

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    World Superyacht Award - Young Designer of the Year

    Boat International, in association with the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, announce the introduction of a new competition to find the world's best Young Superyacht Designers. The competition is intended to provide a showcase for young designers to demonstrate their ability and talents, and to encourage the development and showcase the talent of the next generation of superyacht designers. The first Award will be made in 2008.

    About the competition
    The competition will be open to any one who is studying for a degree or other qualification in a subject related to yacht or small craft design, or who graduated from such a course within two years of the closing date for the competition. Depending on the number of entries, there may be separate categories for each.

    The World Superyacht Young Designer Award 2008 will be presented to the young designer who produces the best concept design for a superyacht which meets the following owner's specification:

    o It should be different from any other yacht!
    o It should be capable of operating in both Caribbean and Mediterranean, and carrying 12 passengers and appropriate crew.
    o It should comply with all appropriate international safety regulations
    o It should have the lowest possible carbon footprint.
    o It should have all the recreational facilities which an owner and guests might expect on such a vessel.
    o It will be made available for charter

    At this stage, the owner has not specified an upper cost.

    Entrants to the competition will be required to submit the following:

    o A profile and deck GA, showing major compartments and features
    o A list of principal components and systems
    o An estimate of weight and power requirements
    o A description of the vessel, with illustrations, describing the philosophy behind the design and its key or novel features

    Entries may be submitted by individuals or teams (maximum 3 members), and will be judged on innovation, technical feasibility, style and presentation by a panel of leading experts in the field.

    The Award
    The winner of the Young Designer Award will receive a prize of €5,000 and be invited to receive the Award at the 2008 World Superyacht Awards ceremony on 18th April in Venice.
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    I am still in rudimentary stages . Wish I was further along!! Where can I go to follow this competition??
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    Submitting an entry

    Entries should be submitted on CDROM or DVD, by 31 Dec 2007. If you are interested in submitting an entry, or would like more information, contact:

    Giuseppe Gigantesco
    Royal Institution of Naval Architects
    10 Upper Belgrave Street
    London, SW1X 8BQ
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    what a load of poppycock, a SUPERYACHT with a low carbon footprint? they use more fuel in an hour than most people use in a car all year, even the sailing ones with there 2000 bhp mains
    Should ban the things, a design for a sailing yacht with no engine would make more sense

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    J DUFOUR archimanadesigner++


    What a pleasure to participate in !

    Yes , Mr LAZEYJACK, those monsters use more fuel than everything on water but this is the biggest challenge of this contest .

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