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Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by thelittlehurt44, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Hi ive been around on the water since I can remember and currently sail a 25'. I would love to sail around the world in a home made boat. Does anyone have an idea of how big a boat should be to complete my dream safely? Does anyone have a model that would work best? It is just myself and girlfriend.
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    The next question you need to answer is
    "Do I still want to be with my girlfiend at the end of the trip"
    No - then well "blue water" designed boats over 25ft will do
    Yes - then nothing under 60 ft with a big engine should be considered

    Its a lot cheaper and safer to fly than do it in *any* boat!

    I am not having a go at the fairer sex here. The boat size thing applies to any mix of genders. Murders have been committed over farting in confined spaces or less. Read a few "true adventure" stories to get the picture.
  3. dskira

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    I think Watson exaggerate about the "fart" syndrome. If it is a cute fart from your girl friend, no big deal, if its one from Watson, :p
    I will say 30' at the waterline, 9 tons displacement will do fine, and even have space to have a kid during the trip. I designed and several of my customer are doing that, it work just fine.
    To be clear, I don't try to sell a plan. It is just what I know, not what I suppose or read.
  4. rwatson
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    Ah yes, when *I* fart, it would be a problem allright. Its goes both ways, cute fart from girlfriend .. no worries, but can *she* live with *him*??

    A great book about extended cruising in a sail boat is "Blue Water" by Bob Griffith, in his 53 foot cutter "The Awahnee II"

    He has the most amazing, detailed practical advice for people surving on a small boat, physically and psychologically.

    I got the impression that a lot of the success of any voyage comes back to the qualities of the skipper, practicality, socially, resilience, confidence ... etc etc. The crew need to be willing too - its a complex formulae.

    My worst night in a small boat was sharing the fore-berths with someone who snored worse than me ! Not many places you can go to escape in a small boat.

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    I would really advise checking out everythng written by Sven Yrvind who has done exacally this a number of times. Personally I want more comfort than can easily be achieved in the smallest boat possible, so I would be looking in th 40' range. But boats down to around 20' can safely and in relative comfort mae the trip.
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