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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by zeroname, Sep 13, 2013.

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    zeroname Naval Architect

    will anyone describe the working condition being a Naval Architect in Dubai ? How is the salary and living standard ? Are you happy with working there?
  2. El_Guero

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    Are you male or female?

    I know a lot of Russians/Ukrainians migrate there for the money. Unless they convert to Islam, most are not completely happy there ....

  3. dskira

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    If you like Dubai, its great. If you don't like it its not so great.
    But if Dubai don't like you (And they will not like you) its a nightmare.

    I will prefer washing dishes.
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  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Dubai is one of the few places in this portion of the world, really trying to make changes to the way the world perceives it and how they treat visitors. This said, working in a professional office, with staff, you'll do fine, though some subjects of conversation should be wisely avoided. Out in the build shop, you'll be an outsider and treated as such, though with the respect they have to show the NA on the floor, likely with their bosses floating around too, it'll be begrudgingly respectful.
  5. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

  6. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Obviously, if visiting another country, you need to look and study state department briefs on the subject and familiar yourself with the laws and customs. Those that don't usually also don't fair well.
  7. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    No Alchohol, Drugs or Sex unless you are married - now I know why Islam is growing so fast, only 1 legal vice.

    I think we should encourage homsexual marriage - who needs the population growth.
  8. Titirangi

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    Living in Dubai starts with who you work for: Emirate, Lebanese, Indian or westerner business owner. Some Emirate employers are good, most employ low cost Indians staff, recommend not working for any non Emirate Arab, most western expats are ok.
    Salary package, must include accommodation allowance and car (insist company supplies a vehicle), Dubai doesn't pay the big money of 10yrs ago.

    If company doesn't meet obligations of employee's contract there is arbitration quick fix and Dubai Labour law doesn't care about foreigners, contracts should include condition that disputes are negotiated in English court system. Compensation in disputes is based on Indian labourers wage rates

    Minimum acceptable salary package AED45Kp/m and company furnishes apt.
    Company is responsible for work visa and all things govt, if you resign to change company's your employer can object and have you banned from re-entry for 6months unless you complete your contract term.

    Rule 1 - Don't get into debt, do not take out a lease or hire purchase. All leases are arranged with the buyer handing over 12months pre dated/signed cheques, if a cheque bounces you go to jail, if other debts accumulate because you're in jail they add to your sentence. Only way out is someone pays the debt and everyone cheats in Dubai. Don't get into financial deals with Indians or other Arabs (non Emirates)

    Dubai like Abu Dhabi is corrupt and a major criminal base for Russian and Eastern crime bosses, smugglers, drug dealers and scammers. Prostitution is illegal but 8000 Russian, Chinese, Filipina, Eastern EU girls work in Emirate owned bars.

    Expats go to jail for drink driving (0 limit), consuming liquor in public street, owning or buying liquor with licence to purchase, having single female in apt (neighbour complaint), public act like kissing female. If your in a car accident with Emirate, local is always innocent party. Never give bird to local, he'll report you, you get deported within hours without all your possessions with min 2yr ban.

    On the good side, it's an experience especially if 50degree summer temps do it for you, food is ok, clothes expensive, gas ridiculously cheap, electronics no cheaper than most places, lots of Chinese made junk on hand and no shortage of sand.

    I should add that if you win the confidence, trust and friendship of an Emirate national you will have a genuine, gracious and very generous friend for life.
  9. rxcomposite
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    rxcomposite Senior Member

    Dubai is only part of the 7 states of UAE. It is only the most popular because it is always in the news and it is the most liberal.

    Abu Dhabi is the most progressive (slow but sure) and it is getting crowded in there. There is also Sharjah, Ahjman, Ras Al khaima, Um Al Quain, Fujairah in varying state of ruralness.

    About 90% of the people in UAE are expats, only 10% are Emiratis (local). Of these expats, I would say 90% is Indians, mostly in the service industry or labor groups but some are engineers or holds key positions. The remainders are British/UK nationals in the upper management brackets, Europeans, but very rarely Americans. The rest are Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Iranians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Filipinos, and lately some sprinkling of Chinese.

    Although expats dominates, most of them are also Moslems, so the practice is widely observed and practiced. So don't behave like you are in Europe. It is a very conservative country. There are strange customs that are taboo. Like extending your left hand, riding an elevator alone with a moslem lady (ask permission first if it is OK with them).

    If you are a Naval Architect, good for you. If you are a woman, your movement will be limited. It is in demand especially in the oil and gas industry where the pay is good.

    Cars and Accomodation is no longer the norm. Expect a package deal where compensation is broken down into Transportation and Housing allowance leaving you with about 60% base pay. This base pay is the basis of payment when you complain to the labor department.

    Labor law is fair as it is patterned after the international standard (you can download it). Employers like to skirt the law, but when confronted by the authorities, they cannot break the law. It goes the same for you too.

    Goods are cheap as there are no taxes, even on salaries and wages. Banks will pester you to avail of fantastic loans with very low interest. A sure way to go to jail if you default.
  10. Titirangi

    Titirangi Previous Member

    My previous had error - Expats go to jail for drink driving (0 limit), consuming liquor in public street, owning or buying liquor without having a licence to purchase. A few years back expats could buy liquor from outlets in Shajarh but now if you're caught with it in your car especially in Abu Dhabi - go to jail.

    You leave a private residence in Abu Dhabi smelling of alcahol, get into a taxi instead of driving - go to jail, most taxi drivers in AD will deliver you to police station if the think you drink.

    The Saudi type rules is becoming the norm now and Dubai having accepted bail out funding from the more conservative AD is having to comply.
  11. rxcomposite
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    rxcomposite Senior Member

    It is only in Dubai where drinking is tolerated but then even the taxi driver can report you to the police if you had one drink to many. The only way out is to show receipt of the bar you had been in. Drinking in private is allowed in DUBAI if you have a licence to buy liquor.

    Law varies from state to state. It is very strict in Sharjah. NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE even in private, yet in the outskirt of Sharjah, there are about 3 bars. Further out, near the fish market, there is a liquor store.

    Used to be that it is allowed in Ahjman and there is a very big liquor store (supermarket size). Thousands of choices, no limit, and the buyer is allowed to consume it within the vicinity. But the rules (ruler) have changed. Buying is allowed but no drinking in the premises and if you are caught outside the store, jail time. Funny but we see the locals buying carts of liquor. They always outbuy us.

    In ports, there are duty free shops and liquor is sold (no receipts). Mariners can drink in the store, along the wharf, get drunk and authorities don't care (except during Ramadan). Just don't stray out of the zone. Many went to jail when caught trying to "smuggle" liquor out.
  12. Titirangi

    Titirangi Previous Member

    This is a misleading statement - visitors to Emirates can drink alcahol without a licence, but only in the hotel they are booked into, move on to another hotel either walking or by taxi and run the risk of being arrested if a local makes issue or noticibly intoxicated.

    Those with residence or working visa can only purchase alcahol for personal consumption if they hold a ministry issued license.

    Last year a Arab mother with 6yr old child complained and had a young expat couple arrested for a greeting (EU style) kiss in a resturant. The guy a resident had had wine with the meal sentenced to 3months jail/deported, the girl a tourist was jailed one month and deported.

    Yeah, Dubai is good fun
  13. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    After having read this, all I can say is - no thanks, not a place for me. :rolleyes:
  14. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    Great information :) Luckily I am non-smoker, not a drinker and Muslim. The company i might go for is foreign company like GL, DNV, BV or RINA and in an entry position. I am in confusion to start !

    But your discussion is quite fruitful for anyone !

  15. SamSam
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    SamSam Senior Member

    It seems kind of medieval primitive.
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