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Discussion in 'Education' started by Oceanmariner, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Hello everyone !

    I am new to this forum, I joined to have better idea about boats, my background is commercial shipping (marine engineering with chief engineer license and naval architects for sea going ships), even though I have a strong background about ships (mega ships), but boats are still something different for me....

    I am looking for a good school and education program in the U.S to attend (online or distance learning) to have a better understanding about boat design, what I found was only yachts and boats (I am looking for workboat), and the two schools may be good are: Westalwn, and the landing school.
    Both schools are approved by the Royal Institution of naval Architects - U.K in which I am a full member with chartered engineer title - so the accreditation is not an issue for me, the main issue is the topic. I am looking to move into the small ships and workboat industry field, even those boats are considered very small and simple when we compare them with large ships, but employers still want to see in your resume something about small ships/boats.

    I went through all the topics here, and I search online, and was not able to find anything about workboat design, can anyone advise if any of the mentioned schools teach workboat subjects?

    I have a strong background in AutoCAD, Rhino, ORCA, NAVCAD.

    Thank you for everyone...
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    I don't know if they have an online program but check with the University of New Orleans. Most of their graduates work in oil field related fields and the program is geared towards commercial boats.
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    Yacht design schools generally don't teach much about commercial vessels. It's a different world filled with regulations and classification rules (yacht is a bit but not totally). In the US that's left to professional engineers and naval architects. Look for naval architecture programs to enrol in, then work for someone specializing in workboats.
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    I would suggest trying to apply for a job - of any type - working in a shipyard design office. Get a feel for what a design office looks and feels like. While there, they may be able to assist - in what ever form - in providing a re-education into the design side. Working in a ship/boat yard is very educational in itself, seeing the boats slowly grow around you and the ability to ask endless questions and see theory in practice.

    These help, but they are just "tools". They should help you gain access into said design office at shipyard/boat yard or design house.

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    Yes apart from all coarses navcad is very much useful in marine studies..Get knowledge from our forum articles and discussions it will be very much helpful for you ..As you are new to this forum..
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