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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by rutti, Mar 7, 2006.

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    rutti New Member

    I´m 27 years old and I realize that I wan´t to work in the boat industry. I´ve always been very interested in boats and used to sail alot when I was younger.

    I´ve just completed my education in innovation engineering, bachelor of science. I´ve always liked to build things. I design my own surfboards and wakeboards with balsa, epoxy, fiberglass and eps foam.

    As I said I really wan´to work with boatdesign in the future so I wonder if anyone here could give me som tips about what I should do to get my foot in to the boat industry? Should I study some practical boatbuildning courses or something more theoretic? I´m lost here but I would really apreciate some advice from people who works with this.

    thanks in advance!
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    For love of boats


    I don't know what innovation engineering means, but if you can make good money at it, then you should. When you have lots of money, buy yourself a nice boat.

    The pay scale even for a Masters level engineer in the (recreational) boat business is comparatively low. If you go into commercial boats, it's a different story. The other problem is the cyclic nature of the recreational boat business. When there is a downturn in the economy, many boat companies cut the engineering department. The better companies may try to "tool their way out of it". In other words, if they introduce new models, most dealers will buy them. But this is not usually the case. Almost everyone I know in boat design and engineering has worked for several companies and has had several relocations, including me.

    You may go into it for love of boats, not the money.
    After a while you'll hate boats if you don't have any money.

  3. Karsten
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    First you should think about what sort of work you want to do in the boat industry. I always compare it to the construction industry. You have the (Naval) Architects who make sure things look nice and float. Then there are the civil engineers who make sure that the boat is not falling apart. In the end you have the boat builders who actually build the boat.

    I studied aeronautical engineering and ended up engineering all sorts of things for a biggisch international company. We only do composite structures. It's very challenging and something different each day. We mainly engineer high performance racing yachts but I also worked on wind masts, ambulances and some powerboats. You would need very good engineering knowlage, FE experience would help and also practical considerations are very important because in the end somebody has to be able to build what you designed. Good communication is also important because sometimes you have to tell the designers that they can't have their flat sceen TV at that location because you have to put a bulkhead there.

  4. china
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    rutti, i may have some work for you in negril, jamaica. free acomodation,free food and drink. it's a long term project so you can come and go when you want.

    here is the link have a look and get in touch or anybody else for that matter. the more the better.

    all the best gutti and good luck. leave a message on my thread if you have any questions.

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