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Discussion in 'Education' started by Nikola Kelis, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Nikola Kelis Student

    I’ve recently graduate from university as a bachelor of naval architect and moved to New Zealand. Without much work experience I am trying to find a job in Auckland. Because of the current situation regarding to economic, I am asking to get some work exp (unpaid) to many offices around Auckland and almost everyone told me that there is nothing at the moment for me. So my question is why in such hard time, when you as an employee have to fire staff to cut expenses are ignoring person who is willing to work for free, because there are always easy job around office to do?
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    I would think it is more about loyalty to the people that employers have had to make redundant. If there is work to do in the office, then there likely is some commercial income and salary to offer. If there is no business, there is no work to do. Have you considered offering to do a focused research project for the company, something that is intentionally not the work that the staff would be doing. I think there would be less risk of resentment on the part of the staff (who could be returning when business improves), and more chance that the company would be interested. (You might even be able to spin this into some school credits.) Once things turn around, you will be better positioned to be hired by the company.

    Don MacPherson
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    Hello Nikola

    I know exactly what your going through. I graduated myself last june with a Bachelor in Naval Architecture, and there was no way for me to find a job, even in internship or stuff like taht. What I did is find on other fields, especialy commercial one, because they always look for people with technical background. I'm a consultant in China now, it is not really exciting but it pays the bills and Igetting in touch with a lot's of people, from different country and with different backgroung hoping that someday, with the end of the crisis, all thatwould be helpful to me.
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    yes difficult

    I lived in NZ and built there most of my life
    try Kevin Dibley of Dibley marine architects , I think thats his firm, he is at Westhaven on the water, a very nice chap, into racing sailing ,

  5. Nikola Kelis
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    Nikola Kelis Student

    Thanks for reply and suggestion,

    I've contacted Kevin but he told that he doesn’t have any job offer but invited me to come for a coffee and talk. He seems like a nice guy. I’m trying to get into one particular design office at the moment and hoping that will work out :) and finally start working and learning again :)
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