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Wooden Schooner For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Unggit, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Unggit
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    Unggit New Member

    The schooner TP at 144 foot was launched in autumn of 2006. She is well suited for charter business. Since the political turmoil in 2008 the ship is out of business and moored in the SE Asia river. For refitting TP is now in a shipyard. The boat is truly a lovely blend of Thai craftsmanship and European design.


    Ten guests can be accommodate in four spacious twin staterooms (165 sq.ft.) and in a master bed room ( 250 sq.ft.) with bathrooms en suite. Each room has a panorama view and fitted with air condition and mini bar. On the lower deck are three crew cabins with head and bathroom. The air conditioned galley is done in copper and tropical hardwood.

    Technical data
    Lenght over all : 144 ft
    Beam : 24 ft
    Draft : 6 ft
    Displacement : 140 tons
    Sail area : 4320 square ft
    Propulsion : 2 x 280 hp
    Generator : 2 x 30 kVA, 1 x 5 kVA
    Air conditioned capacity : 2 x 30.000 BTU
    Water : 16.000 l
    Fuel consumption : 100 l / hour
    Fuel : 4.000 l

    Flushing toilet system with central waste water tanks

    Construction and Finish

    Hull :Tropical Hardwood, Cambodian
    Hull type :Monohull
    Deck :Red Wood, Brazilian, 2 inch thick solid Hardwood
    Superstructure :Red Wood and Mai Ma Ka, 2 inch thick solid Hardwood
    Mast :Galvanized Steel
    Sails : Dacron
    Structural Conditions :New

    If interested pls contact unggit@gmail.com
  2. insider
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