Wooden boats scantling

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    Following, once again, the procedures established by ISO 12215 standard we have included, in software “SCT”,wooden boats scantlings for the normal constructive methods :

    • strip planking
      • lightweight protective laminate
      • laminate of 1 mm or more, inside and outside
      • layers + -45 with thickness <50% of the wood strip
    • cold molding
      • All layers to + -45° with respect to the smaller dimension
      • Topcoat 90° to the smaller panel dimensión
      • Topcoat 90° to the larger paneldimension.
    • Plywood
      • Parallel to-face fibers
      • Perpendicular to-face fibers
    As per stiffeners :
    • Solid wood
    • Cold molding strips
    • plywood
    The new version of SCTR.15, in Beta phase, which improve some aspects over previous versions and includes these new calculations, may be downloaded from our website.
    Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    We believe that there is a certain gap in this field, in terms of calculation tools, so with your help, we hope to do a good job, useful for many designers. Thanks to all.
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