Wood versus composite water speed record boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FranklinRatliff, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Given the better impact cycle strength of wood, I think I would be using it too.
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    just saying Wood really is a little meaningless ! ok it is wood BUT not just your everyday run of the mill or out of the rack from you local shop on the corner!
    Composits the same it is not the same as whats used in the family runabout .
    the way each one is built and put together also plays a really important role in all this as well glues and resins paints fasteners and everything .

    I completely agree plywood takes a lot of beating !! The races boats we used plywood that came from Israel of all places !! the wood was light weight ,really good quality , the 4 veneers ran 0/60/60/0 so would bend across the sheet but length wise was really stuff for just 6 mm ply .If you tapped it with a hammer it made a ringing sound ! :):rolleyes:
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