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    seems like even if there is a density difference between air and water it still might be possible to make a wood prop for a boat. The video shows a guy who can make one with a chisel a grinder and some sand paper.


    so sure it might end up being a disposable prop but if you've got all day anyway and just goofing off on board it seems like it might be a viable pastime

    this guy takes it to the next level


    and then I moved onto actual boat props


    and this article begins to touch on the issue that I think might kill the idea which is that cavitation of an improperly made prop would destroy the wood in about an instant


    but still I'm curious if anyone has experimented with low speed large diameter wood props for small boats
    ok really small boats with low power requirements like pedal boats or trolling motors

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    Wooden boat props have an assorted set of unnecessary issues, that are easily eliminated with inert materials such as metals and plastics. I've made some wooden props, while experimenting with trolling motor blades to improve efficiency and speed on small displacement craft. Naturally, once I landed on a shape that worked, I made 'glass mold and now cast the props with impeccable accuracy, no rot, splitting, checking, soft leading edges, moisture gain and these epoxy props can be easily repaired, by putting them back in the mold and recasting in a new leading edge or what ever.
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