wood boatbuilding in foreign countries

Discussion in 'Materials' started by stubbymon, Jan 27, 2017.

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    stubbymon Junior Member

    Where is the cheapest marine plywood made and would it be worthwhile to build a 35 foot sailboat there? This is also where I would want to use it. Talking Phillipines or Indonesia, very flexible. Any help?
  2. magipati
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    Hi Why you dont try Brazil they have a huge experience in woodboats and it come from portuguse and spanish builders that imigrate many years ago. I will recomend the state of Santa Catarina specialy The city of itajai I build many boats there. they are very skilled . If you are interested try to contact local universities or the governement Professional school senai that have course for marine carpenters , And Brazil has the best PW in the world with all kind of woods you need even in IPÉ. another veryimportant point is to be sure they realy put naval glue on marine plywood, some countries have a great lack of quaity on this point
  3. makobuilders
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    If you're still interested then research and come visit Veraval in Gujarat, India. All the boats here use IRS certified marine ply and most all use babul wood, which is a tropical hardwood just one step below teak. The fiberglass materials (Dow Corning, Scott Bader) and skillets are good. Not yacht quality, but seaworthy.
  4. gonzo
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    If you want to own a boat in a foreign (to you) country, first investigate immigration laws. Many countries won't allow you to flag and own a boat there. Also, you may only have a few weeks a year that you can stay in the country. Another hurdle, is that many countries will require you to have a captain license to operate a boat, so be prepared to take the exam and whatever time in the water documentation is necessary.
  5. TeddyDiver
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    If you read again carefully you may notice he was talking about building a boat abroad, not to register and own one there..

    BR Teddy

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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Hi Teddy,

    It seems the OP wants to own the boat in the foreign country where he builds it, as post #1 says: ‘‘ This is also where I would want to use it. ’’
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