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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Sobell, Jun 27, 2018.

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    Not sure if this is the proper forum for this....

    Saw this cute little ugly boat on the way home from the Mississippi Coast in late June. This is in stop-and-go freeway traffic in Mobile as two lanes merge to get through the tunnel.

    The quality of the image is really bad because I was using my dumbphone to make pics. And shooting through the windshield. I processed it some when I got home but it's still a very poor quality image.

    The "deck" appeared to be some kind of fabric with the mustard and gray striped pattern painted on -- presumably supposed to look like boards. The end of the mast bounced every time the guy braked, which was often.

    It looks extremely homemade ... or if it is a commercially made boat, it's been rode hard and put away wet a lot.

    Fascinating little boat. Would be interesting to know what it is.

    (I'll try to upload the not-too-good picture of it.)

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    Looks a bit like an Atkin Sail Ho!, but the one in your picture has a stern hung rudder and a narrower transom.

    See also the Arrowhead Sloop by Charles McAlary, but the AS also don't has a stern hung rudder, and has a transom with a bit different form...

    Arrowhead Sloop plans:
    - Popular Mechanics - April 1936Page 594 - 599 = Part I
    - Popular Mechanics - May 1936Page 774 - 779 = Part II
    - Popular Mechanics - June 1936Page 931 - 935 = Part III
    - Popular Mechanics - July 1936Page 121 - 124 = Part IV
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    From what we can see, it is a charming little boat but it is only a rear view as far as one can see. . That is about as accurate an assessment as one can ascertain from a rear view of a miss America contestant. Transoms are not the definitive worth of a body form .

    Sorry to be less helpful. The little boat is for sure a displacement type and might be a cold molded shape......or not.
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