Wittholz Departure

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MikeJohns, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Right you are.

    Yes Ma'am ... right you are ... Bruce "Roberts" .... and NOT ... Bruce "Martin"
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    No, I know you know it's Roberts, just an understandable mistake, the same first name explains it, the first name can easily be coupled to another person's surname with the same first name that's also in the mind, just a typo so to say :cool:

    And thanks for that as it made me dig up the boat which gave some quite interesting stories, so don't worry :)

    And welcome to the forum [​IMG]

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    You're too kind .... but thank you.
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    Mr MikeJones,
    the departure 35 is in fifty wooden boats:A catalog of building plans Volume 1 by wooden boat with the plan still available from them.
    i'm pretty sure about it.......
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    Thanks KP
    There are several different designs Charlie called the Departure.
    But I received enough information to go ahead with the design change although I ended up taking lines off the boat since it was slightly different to any set of lines I could find.

    The project is finished now, the boat has been rebuilt and I posted a pic of the new underbody earlier in this thread.

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    Wittholz 39' cutter

    I have 3 pages of the 39' Cutter (steel hull, deck and cabin) that was designed by Charles if anyone needs info. I am going to try to retrace the original lines and notes on my copy and try to find a blue print shop to have them recopied. This is a one off I believe that was designed for Daniel Cook in October 1984. This hull was built by Kanter Yachts of Canada in 1986 and the boat was launched i 1994 or 96. The orginal owner modified the interior to move the head to the aft port side of the companion way and left out the privacy bulkhead for the v-berth area creating a large open area in the boat. The cutter is now powered by a 42hp Yanmar. Last week we had the mainsail recut reducing the leech from 47' 4" to 46' to allow more head room while standing and sailing and entering the companion way hatch. Please email for more info if desired..
    We are now installing a Charles Isolation transformer and 110vac panel and outlets. This will be the first time this boat has had 110vac, previous owners had only 12vdc systems so the hull has remained fairly electrolisis free (YEAH)
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