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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Capskippy, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Can anyone help me with the wiring diagrams for a 1996 Bayliner Quantum 190 XFS please.
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    This Bayliner was available as both an outboard or an I/O. In both cases the best thing you can do is get the appropriate manual for whatever you have. Wiring diagrams will be included.

    The rest of the boat's wiring is very basic and doesn't need much to understand. Simply, there are a half a dozen circuits, each very primitive, though the bow/stern/anchor switch can look confusing it's just an isolated duel feed DPDT switch. The bilge pump will also be a DPDT maybe with a center off potions, but a common feed usually.

    Or just open this PDF:


    It doesn't have a diagram, but does have some basics to check. Honestly, if you can follow a diagram, you don't really need one if working on the boat's secondary circuits (bilge pump, horn, nav lights, etc.) as these are about as simply as they get. On the other hand is attempting to sort out shift cutout relays or other stuff, you'll need the manual for the particular engine/drive you have.
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