Winyacht Advanced VPP Who makes it?

Discussion in 'Software' started by ErikG, Jan 12, 2003.

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    From memory, Winyacht was written by Clay Oliver who is an engineer with a long involvement with various Americas Cup tems, and is the advanced version of WinDesign VPP available from Southhampton University in The UK.

    Only UK pounds 1850, pretty cheap.

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    I also know at least one (South-African) designer, who used HullDrag on his MG30 and his Mini-650....

    As an aside: Hans Zwakenberg's program only calculates the hull resistance. His utility uses the Delft polynomals for calculating the residual resistance. If Van Oossanen also uses these polynomials, the statement in the quote above is correct. If I'm informed correctly, Hans is currently converting it to a program that sports a GUI on both Linux and Win32. Apparently, HullDrag will become part of a complete VPP some time in the future....

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    Winyacht VPP is sold by the Wolfen Unit at Southampton Uni in the UK.

    Think the web address is - then find the link to the wolfen unit.

    Hope that helps

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