Winterization questions

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by 204 Escape, Dec 13, 2007.

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    204 Escape 204 Escape

    I had the dealership, winterize, and change oil in my boat. Unfortunately it will have to set outside this year, covered up.

    Q#1) It has an on board charger. Would leaving it plugged in keep the batteries in good shape ?? -OR- Should I find a battery maintainer ?? (There is a engine, and a trolling motor battery. Both are new.)

    Q#2) I talked to a guy at Cabela's the other day, and he gave me 3 options to "fight" moisture/condensation inside a covered boat: a) Charcoal in a cotton cloth ove a 5 gal bucket. b) Kitty litter the same way. c) Silca pellets like you put in a gun cabinet, in various spots.

    I've been told a fan blowing on low all the time.

    BUT, to me, it seems you can't just blow a fan, it doesn't "warm" up the inside of the boat.

    I found a air dryer in Overtons, just wondered what everybody else does. It's a new boat, and I do NOT want a mold problem.

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    Q#1 battery maintainer or temp sensing battery charger (i would pull the battery out and stick in the garage)
    Q#2 a tray of charcoal berquets has been working to take care of moisture for years almost as good as silca
    no fan, light or heater in the boat seen to many burn
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