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    So, not being a designer, how and where would you be able to calculate chord, draft etc on a wing sail for a R class? The R rules state not more than 13sqm total sail area upwind. An extra 20sqm downwind. So a wing of total 13sqm. Currently the R's are carrying main(8.4 approx) and jib(4.6 approx). With the boats going to hydro foils then the platform may be ideal for wing sails??Got to power enough for 2 people and boat, so range of 190kgs all up.
    Comments good and bad sort, thanks
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    Info on wing tech here, incl. links to the Moth discussion:
    If your concern is measuring a wing sail check out the ISAF rules-I believe they have a specific section on wing sail measurement.

    UPDATE: [Wing] Sail area to be measured in accordance with the "ISAF Measurement & Calculation of Sail Area Instructions" (Last issued May 1985). from Team Invictus site
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