Wing Mast Battens

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by earthsail, Oct 7, 2008.

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    earthsail earthsail

    I Have a 32' Crowther Tri with Gougeon wing mast. The battens I now have aren't doing the job. The camber/draft fwd in the sail (typical tapered battens for std mast) doesn't give a real fair entry from the wings leeward side. I believe specially tuned battens with stiffer forward camber are required to effectively make the mast part of the sail.
    Have been able to find very little info/advise on this. appreciate any input.
    Batten maker out there with wing mast experience?
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    A Class batten experience.

    To achieve light, cheap and performing battens for my A-Cat ( along time ago) I bought some carbon-rod (pultrusion) and sandpaper it at the front
    until it prvides a smooth sail section following the mast.
    I put the max thickness at 42% and used to draw the mast section on the floor.
    As you go up in the main, battens shorten and the optimum sail is twisted, if done properly, the battens will make a smooth transition with the mast at any level, just because of the twist and shortening battens with height.

    Start by drawing your mast section on the ground with a line for the boom
    (footsail), give a 45° angle at the mast, and look around to find the good tuning.

    I used to set up the mast angle, using the batten at the spreader level, where the sail area is more efficient than at the footsail level.

    You need also an idea of the stifness required, to choose the good diameter for the carbon or fibergass rod.

    Don't be lured, if you can buy carbon-rod, it will be much cheaper than sandwich foam batten, much more reliable, will not twist when the sail is down, and does not brake when you fall in the sail.

    But you have to put epoxy vernish otherwise your batten pocket with be dark.
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