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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jul 21, 2020.

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    Nice film! Thanks Doug!
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    +1 re TT's comment above - that is amazing.
    I hadn't heard about wing foiling before until I saw this video.
    And they make it look so easy - I am sure it must be fiendishly difficult to master well. :)
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  4. Tiny Turnip
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    I looked at these, (the wings, not the foil boards) and the Duotone inflatable windsurf rigs, but they're all a bit dear for my level of interest. So I'm working on a kind of variant, by way of a bit of fun, and experimenting with a tiny windsurf kiddie rig to use with an inflatable sit on top, to sail, still sitting down. (I'm an overweight, unfit ex windsurfer.) but the plan is to hold down the mast foot with my own foot via a webbing loop. (or attach it to the ISOT footrest). The rig is only 1 sq m, the mast just 1.5m long, and its all very light. I'm considering stays if necessary, and maybe cleats on a belt, or some sort of harness arrangement. I've got an additional fin box to cement to the bottom of the ISOT to provide some more lateral resistance forward. If that doesn't work, I may strap something to the bottom, similar to the duotone device..

    My sailing buddy is keen on his SUP but I just don't get on with them, or see what they offer over seated paddling. I got the ISOT so we can go out and play together, and if it works, it will be fun to whip the rig out if there's a bit of a breeze. I shall encourage him to look at the Duotone rigs though.
    The light weight of the total outfits ( ISOT or ISUP) is such that, combined with superlight camping gear, amphibious back packing may be possible in due course. Ambitious for my current level of fitness, but an incentive to get fitter! If I get anywhere with any of this, I'll post. Here's a pdf of some doodles so far ...

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