Wine glass stern and small aft-cabin sailboat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by xarax, Jul 12, 2007.

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    For a small aft cabin motorboat / center cockpit sailboat, a traditional wine glass stern could have had the advantage of offering full standing height at the floor of the cabin, without the need of too high a freeboard (as the bottom of the stern draws deeper into the water than in a modern flattish stern). For somebody who does not like having to crawl to his bed, it could save him much annoyance, not to mention night head injuries…You could be able to reach one or two single beds from their side, great advantage for not-so-young-any-more couples…
    The wine glass stern has all the added wetted surface that makes it unpopular nowdays, but it could be just another element you may consider during the compromise process called cruising boat design.
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    Hi Xarax,
    Peter Cole - Australian designer - produced a very successful cruiser that matches your wine in the aft cabin without bumping your head. The Nantucket 33 - (the first sail boat I owned , great cruising boat)
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    Thank you MMNet SEA,
    Nantucket Island 33 and 38. Great little ships, flush deck, centre cockpit small sailboats that really stand out of the crowd. (One of them is offered for sale near my neck of the woods, so I will pay it a visit soon.)
    Why we don t see such lovely, well designed small boats any more? Modern production offers small sailboats that are almost identical, while economic theory demands a certain amount of differentiation of a product to address the different needs of different customers. It seems that the few creative designers left abandoned the small sailboats and went to the luxury high end of the market...
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