Windsurfing rig with halyard?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by bjn, Jul 17, 2016.

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    Does this windsurfing rig have a halyard?

    How is it used?
    What's the brand of the sail/equipment?
    I read Z3TA 5.3 on the sail but didn't find anything when searching for that.

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  2. Tiny Turnip
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    Its a North Sails Zeta - a wave sail from 20 odd years ago.

    There's nothing about the picture I can see that looks like a halyard. The thin line at the top of the mast is an adjustable head, so the sail can be used on different length masts.
  3. Munter
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    As above - it isn't a halyard in the traditional sense of raising a sail from the base of the mast, just an adjustable strop to accommodate a longer mast for the small sail.

    If you are contemplating the idea of raising a pocket luff sail, be aware that it is difficult to do so as the luff doesn't compress well without really crunching the cloth down, any camber inducers end up slipped off the mast and the luff sock generally gets slimmer towards the masthead which isn't usually compatible with the wider mast width at the base.
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