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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by We're Here, Aug 1, 2015.

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    TANSL! Thanks! Precisely that data I was seeking. Somehow the recommended thicknesses are less than I would've expected. Now to make a mountain out of this ..., what do you think is meant with 'safety hardened glass'? Would this be our tempered-laminated glass do you think?
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    Windshield glass or sliding glass door glass??
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    As TANSL mentioned there is tempered glas and there is laminated glass, but there also is tempered /laminated glass. These are three different glass types. The tempered/lamy glass isn't very common and is costly comparatively, but its safer and stronger then the other two.

    In most cases, tempered glass is used, simply because of this strength. Laminated glass is preferred in some applications (close fitting windscreens usually) because of how it reacts once broken, which is safer to be around. Tempered/lamy glass is essentially both, with the strength of tempered and the safety of taminated.
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