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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by majorm, May 3, 2012.

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    I was looking into window designs on various boats and came across two main types id like some info on. The first is the normal swept back windshields like you see on sportfish boats. The second if the tilted forward one like you see on some trawlers and commercial boats. An example is a 28 bertrams front window for the first and for the latter.

    Is there a certain condition that one is suited better for than the other? Also what kind of downsides or upsides do you see for each design. Im also curious hoe each would effect the efficency of the boat. I could see the swept back being more efficent but both commonly have the shade lip at the top.



    Here is an example with a flybridge to make it more comparable to something like the 28 Bertram design.
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    Glare, reflections , heat and sunlight penetration are the helmsman's enemies. Very fatiguing.

    Windows like you find on the wheelhouse of a ship are always superior. If they fit into the styling of your wheelhouse , use them.
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