wind generator?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by trimarandan, Jan 13, 2006.

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    i've herd rumors, which sound to be true, that a wind generator can be made by modifying an electric motor to work backwards to gererate power instead of use it. then add blades and some other crap and BAM! you got a wind generator. does anybody have any idea how to do this? or know ware i could find out? i searched the internet for it and i got alot of usless junk, my main question here is... what modifications need to be made to an electric motor to turn it to a generator? i'm avoiding using an alternator since they were designed to run at much higher rpm and i dont want to mess with gearing it up.
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    Those are not rumors. A generator and an electric motor are just the same thing, only difference being the direction of current flow.

    Check out this link for valuable information on DIY wind generators.
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    The problem is not making it work , the problem is living with it.

    They make QUITE a bit of noise and you wint be welcomed by many cruising folk in a smaller harbor , where you cant get 1/2 mile away from everyone.

    The NOISE on board can also be nerve racking, but worth it if the beer is cold enough.

    The other problem is stopping and securing it in high winds. These units can overspeed easily and toss a prop blade at high velocity!

    Most commercial units have a method of stopping the unit , so it can be secured in a high wind.


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    Yes Fred, I think in that one time ago but after realize the idea is not worthy. Why, because with 700 you can get an Airmarine that do everything for you a little bit noise my father have one i have the Ruthland its a beauty but dont have brake. Make one you need do buy the proper blades if not you can get unbalance blade and can be jury. Blades cost money, other thing you can use a alternator or generator and you dont need do do any invention in the rotation, but anything out of marine stuff take rust in one second if you do a cover they burn because need air to cool the unit. Finally if you maked you gone to have a ugly stuff in your boat not secure, not worthy in money and all the time wasted. If better find one in Florida or the Gulf Coast remenber a lot of hurricanes hit them and thousand of boats are in yards with any faith of be repaired. For 5 dollars you can get the all boat. Good luck
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