Winch Machine for Docking Undocking

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    We would like to buy winch machine for our dockyard. Could you please tell me what are the things we need to take into account to purchase a perfect winch for docking and undocking. So far I have understood I need to buy a friction winch.

    We would like to dock maximum 800 T (lwt) vessel using our winch on 1:17 slipway
    A few things that are in my concern:
    1. Drum Size: How to select size
    2. Power: Primarily we are thinking of Electric Driven, Diesel seems costly;
    Could you please let me know your opinion about the advantage and disadvantages of both type?
    3. Hydraulic: Should I go for it?
    4. Winch Control System
    5. Gear Ratio: How to select Ideal Gear ratio?
    6. Pulling Capacity:
    7. Pulling Speed: What is the ideal pulling speed?
    Could you please also let me know difference between pulling, friction and anchor winch?
    Please enlighten me if there are many other things that I need to take into account.
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    <facepalm> There has to be a European Standard. Even the UK has one.
    Code of practice for Maritime structures — Part 3: Design of dry docks, locks, slipways and shipbuilding berths, shiplifts and dock and lock gates
    This may sound harsh, but if you have this many questions perhaps a consultation with a local engineering firm with slipway experience would be better than an internet forum. A mistake here is a way to possibly get people killed and cause millions of euros in damage very quickly.
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