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    Mad Mariner™ magazine is having another writing contest. The last time the submissions wound up being pretty good. This time, they are going for "boating tips".

    A bunch of backyard builders like you guys should have some good practical suggestions.

    Owning a boat, you learn a few things – and it's not always stuff you can find in a book. Seasoned boaters learn dozens of small lessons – often the hard way – as they work the kinks out of their vessel and its systems. And it is this experience that forms the basis of our latest essay contest.

    We want you to share what you have learned by writing a few paragraphs on the best boating tip you know. Just answer the question: What's the single best tip you could give a new boater?​
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    Stay ashore
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    Just to refine:
    build a boat..................... and you will stay ashore.



    Do´nt send me that eraser...
    I have no pen.
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    Cling to a Gumtree
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    a waterlogged one that is sinking

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