will any boats make it across

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Red Right Return, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Milehog Clever Quip

    No matter, they brew pretty good beer.;)
  2. Submarine Tom

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    Yah baby!


    P.S. Do you know what the similarity is between American beer and making love in a canoe?
  3. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Hi ST,
    You may be thinking of Japan where they round up dolphins and slaughter them on a regular basis because the fisher-folk reckon the dolphins eat all the fish in their fishery zone... The "event" makes it to TV every so often. - A documentary has recently been completed and shows the murderous event in all its inhumane gory detail... http://thecovemovie.info/ and many more links such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4OPFhYbRiE and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M9xFs34K1g&NR=1&feature=endscreen
  4. Submarine Tom

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    No, I'm thinking of Canada.

  5. cthippo
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    To answer the original question, one has been sighted drifting towards Vancouver Island. 130'-150' foot fishing boat. There were pics in the paper recently.

  6. Submarine Tom

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    The owner has been contacted and they don't want it back!
  7. the1much
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    the1much hippie dreams

    they actually say none of it will hit the usa,, it will turn before landfall,, but said small pieces here n there might but not the "field" itself. i can see border of canada from my window,, maybe if it floats by i can do some window shoppin hehe ;)
  8. bntii
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    "We find your American beer like making love in a canoe. It's ******* close to water."

    You made me look it up... grumble grumble piss and moan......
    Though taking another sip of Sam Adams (one of my default beers), I do take some umbrage with the comment.
  9. Submarine Tom

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    It was announced today that a USA Navy War ship will sink the "Ghost Ship" tomorrow morning.
  10. Frosty

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    Can they do that? Are they going to pay for it, it must have an owner.

    Thats some ones property , they might want it back, just needs a lick of paint, could be like brand new down below, new micro wave N stuff.
  11. Submarine Tom

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    Read the rest of the thread.

    In particular, post #21.
  12. Submarine Tom

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    The US Coast Guard will sink the relic today.

    More to follow...
  13. Frosty

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    Post 21 ---where the hell did that come from .
  14. BPL
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    Did they defuel/decontaminate it?
    You'd think it would have scrap value to tow it in.

  15. Frosty

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    They did not de fuel it and it sank in 9000 feet 300 miles off Vancouver. They said there has been some sheening but they will handle it !!!!.

    It took them 5 hours to sink it firing high powered cannons at it and it was'nt even firing back. Frightening stuff that Canadian coast guard.

    Good job it wasnt armed and some little old Japanese guy still on board 0r the consequences could have been very different.
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