WHY Willy Wants to Work for Wally

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Willallison, Sep 23, 2009.

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    They are certainly not to everyone's taste, but Wally have once again proved that they are at the forefron of innovative design with their latest creation. In collaboration with Hermes, Wally have created a new venture called WHY (Wally Hermes Yacht). The result takes the idea on condo-like yachts to a new level. At 1st, I thought the stated specs were a misprint, but no - 58m long and 38m wide!

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    12 guests and 20 crew? A boat like that should take care of it self ;-)
  3. marshmat
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    Quite the impressive concept, to be sure. The numbers are just mind-boggling.... 900 square metres of TPV solar collectors, a 2,000 kWh battery bank, 1100 square metres of interior living space....

    She's not fast, of course.... the specs indicate a 12-knot cruise up to sea state 4. But from what the design team has written to date, this thing isn't meant to replace a yacht- it's meant to replace an island condo. Which it looks like it will do quite nicely, with the added ability to move around when you get bored of one island chain.
  4. apex1

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    When the donkey feels too well he tries to walk on ice...................
    Thats how we say in Germany.

    and I have forgotten to ask: WHY?
    have I to consume a mad video before I´m allowed to get some info?
    Do´nt let Architects from the chain.............
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    i still want my QE2 look alike only bigger
  6. messabout
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    Intrigueing, opulent, luxuriant,etc...Not to mentioon elitist conspicuous consumption at its zenith. Did I read it correctly ? It has it's own onboard beach?
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    jeeez at first i thaught you were joking

    i am obviously old school poor boy in third world

    arhitect on drugs ?

    WHY is good name for russian mafia :D

    fugly and no privacy ;)
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    From the inboard elevation I'll guess it's some form of tri-swath?
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    Who`s going to scrape the barnacles ?:D:p:p:p
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    That kind of vessel don't have barnacles.. They have oysters with pearls

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    What are Hermes known for again? Oh, yes. Silk scarves and handbags.
  13. mark775

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    To each their own. I wish I had the money, I'd buy Richard's boat, donate $30,000,000 to charity and still have more than I'd spend in my life - and have a much better boat! (I'll be able to find my own beach)
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  15. boat fan
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    and ....astro turf !!!!:D
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