Why no deep vee V-drives?

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by Myoung42, Jul 18, 2010.

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    the MT boats in europe were tripple v drives with 3 gas turbines driving 3 propellers thru v drives.. the aux engines were mounted infront of the v drives though
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    Deep V hull with V-drive

    I have a 26' Livesay that I am repowering from 454 to 8.1 Vortec. The other reason is the Trailering set up. With a really deep V and single Screw you have to have the boat really set up high on the trailer to clear all the running gear. I know that my boat will draft over 3.5 ft. No forgiveness in shallow water. Just saying.
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    Surfury by Renato "Sunny" Levy for the Gardner's brother.
    V drive in between the two engine positioned in line.
    The best motor boat ever designed IMHO
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    A 19' Century Arabian is close to a deep V

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